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Myanmardate article, post date: 2007-02-10

Do It Yourself Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

Do It Yourself Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts
by Cory Silverberg

Homemade Valentine's Gifts
Valentine’s Day is a contradictory affair. On the one hand, it’s a huge commercial enterprise, with Valentine’s Day spending expected to be over $13 billion, in the U.S. alone. On the other hand, as the history of Valentine’s Day tells it, it’s all about expressing feelings of love and focusing attention on the important romantic relationships in our lives.
Do we need to go into debt to properly express our love and devotion? Can consumer goods ever fully convey our intimate feelings of lust and love to our partner?
While I like getting shiny new presents as much as the next person, I want to argue that nothing is sexier than something you’ve made yourself. DIY is the ultimate eroticism because in creating something for your lover from scratch, you are evoking the most basic act of creation itself, the lust from which we all first sprouted.
Consider then the following ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that will wow your lover, speak your heart, and cost almost nothing!

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #1

Write love poetry.

Forget about the flowery verse you’re imagining with a lot of “thous” and “beset”. Over thinking it will only take aware from the spontaneity and fun. If you don’t have a lot of prior experience, don’t worry about writing a sonnet or even something for public consumption. Write fun, raunchy, bawdy love poetry. If you want to get laughs, make sure it rhymes. Avoid rhyming yourself in a corner (e.g. avoid the words “orange” and “vagina”). Need more help? Check out

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #2

Tell your partner the story of how you met.

This is a guaranteed beautiful present. Whether you were fixed up on a blind date, met at a funeral, or were childhood sweethearts, take some time to write out the story of how you first met your partner, and how you fell in love. Again, avoid trying to be to “writer-ly”. Just tell the story in your own words. What was happening in your life, and in the world around you, when you first met. What did your family and friends think of the relationship at first. It can be a fun personal exercise in memory recall to do this, and if each of you does it, you’ll be amazed at the details only one of you will remember, and the small differences in the way you both remember it happening. The goal here is not historical accuracy. Focus as much on the emotional memories as the concrete things that happened.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #3

Take sexy pictures of each other.

Professional erotic photographer Christine Ablett offers these tips on how to take erotic photos. Don’t forget to cover your privacy needs, and shoot safe this Valentine’s Day.
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